Teaching English Vocabulary for Children by Using Humanistic Approaches

  • Fitrah Yuliawati Universitas Islam Madura


English is not only the subject matter that people have to know but English is also the international language to communicate in the world. This language is not for adults only because today children also speak English even in vocabulary only or short sentence. Why children have to know English? Is it easier for them? This question must be answer easily because children can learn or study English as adults. Children acquiring second languages in natural environments are more likely to eventually sound like native speakers than adults are. The central person who can teach English directly to the children at school is a teacher who has a lot of time with children. teacher can starts by giving vocabulary to children. Why vocabulary? It is the simplest way to introduce English at the first time. Every single vocabulary can be put down on the thing like table, whiteboard, window, door, lamp, etc. And English is like another language, it is needs a practicing. And the more children using English in his/her activity the more they can improve their speaking ability so here the children have to be talk active at school. The focus of humanistic approaches here is on learning as a process rather than on immediate results and motivation is considered to come from inside, not from external reward. So different children tend to be intelligent in different ways and the using of humanistic approaches here is hopefully helps children reach their full potential in English.


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