Handle the world by Mastering English in Four Language Skill (Listening, Speaking, Writing and Reading)

  • Ika Nuriyanti Malang Islamic University
Keywords: handle, mastering, language skill


The modern living needs the development of education. How to be success in the future is of course by knowledge. And it can be reach in many ways. One of it is by mastering English because people know that English is an International language. English contribute in every case of live such as; education, media, communication, furniture, etc. especially in communication English can transfer easily to give some idea, argument, statement even just say hello to another people around the world. And being the success person has to master the four skills in English such as listening, speaking, reading and writing. In which listening is a major component in language learning and teaching, from a communicative, pragmatic view of the language classroom, listening and speaking skills are closely intertwined. The interaction between these two modes of performance applies especially strongly to conversation. Reading ability will be developed best in association with writing, listening and speaking activities. Especially the reading-writing connection, here reading must be considered in interactive language. Why don’t people learn to write “naturally”, as they learn to talk? here to master the writing of English need the step of a good writing and enough practicing. By mastering the four English skill people believe that every case happen in this live is easily to be face.


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