Digital Storytelling: Its Potential Use in The English Language Classroom

  • Rini Listyowati Universitas Islam Madura
  • Ahmad Ahmad Universitas Islam Madura
Keywords: digital storytelling, english language classroom


In the Industrial Revolution 4.0 era, technology has role in education. Education uses technology as media in teaching and learning process in the classroom. Teacher can functionate technology likes internet in teaching learning process. ICT is one of the internet activities which provide opportunities for students in learning English through digital storystelling which are presented an interesting way. This study aims to find out the concept development for potential use of digital storytelling in English language teaching and how Digital Storytelling is used and created in education. This is literature study which involves evaluating other studies, selecting the studies to include in the review, and organizing the review. The studies which are evaluated in this literature review are taken out from books, journals, theses, and dissertation, and other supporting publications. Pieces literature are evaluated and organized carefully are used to achieve the most relevant result.Teacher can create Digital Storytelling and use it for presenting new materials, enhancing student accomplishment, capturing student attention, facilitating discussion, and making content more understanable. Student digital storytelling creation makes them engaged in the language leraning, their voice amplified, have a global audience, and leverage their multiple in the classroom. Teacher or student can create digital storytelling in various qualities with the little knowledge of computer, script, writing collecting suitable images. Digital Storytelling can be effective to be used in teaching language skills (reading, writing, speaking, listening) and language elements (vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation).


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